The Safety and Effectiveness of CBD Oil for Dogs

Judging from reliable facts and statistics, the news of how CBD oil is beneficial for dogs is common knowledge among many canine owners.

About 50% of dog owners have used one form of cannabidiol product or the other for their furry companions.

Of this astonishing number, the sale of CBD oil accounts for close to 50% percent of cannabidiol purchases by dog owners. For information to back up this claim, you can check out this source.

All these prove a point – the fact that cannabidiol is truly an effective and safe way to deal with several canine health challenges.

But more than this, you should understand how enjoying the benefit of this drug is largely determined by the choice of product. This is because they do not all offer the same thing.

Why CBD Oil Brands do not Offer the Same Quality

There are several accounts of dog owners sharing the good news of CBD all over the internet. These canine owners have experienced how the therapeutic effects of these drugs help their canines live a healthy and happy life.

On the other hand, there have been a few reported cases of Cannabidiol products not helping in any way or even causing harm. As a result, it is not out of place to say the manufacturer plays a huge part in the effectiveness and safety of the drug. The following listed points further back up this claim:

The Source of the Plant

The primary ingredient in CBD oil and other cannabidiol products are gotten from the cannabis plant. For instance, drugs like CBD topical contain various essential oils but the major ingredient is the cannabidiol compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant.

There are various places where these plants can be grown and obtained from. For instance, one of the best options in the United States is Oregon.

The location where the plant is obtained as well as the farmers is an important factor in the effectiveness and safety of the product. For example, a plant raised with toxic chemicals such as pesticides can be dangerous for consumers.

So, it is expected that a good brand pays particular attention to where the cannabidiol chemical compound is sourced from.

The Ingredients Used

Especially for cannabidiol options such as topical – salves, balms, lotions, shampoos; and treats, the ingredients used play a huge part in the safety and effectiveness of the product.

If toxic or harsh ingredients are part of the drug’s composition, your pet can develop skin reactions at the very least. There could also be more severe complications because of the allergic reaction of the dog to these ingredients.

As a result, you should be certain that the brand guarantees safety. They have to measure up to the requirements of global safety practices.

This is particularly important when dealing with manufacturers in the cannabidiol industry as it is still considered an experimental drug. As an experimental drug, the regulatory body’s role is still inconclusive. Hence, you have to look out for the safety of your dog.

Validation by Third Party Laboratory

While some brands pay serious attention to their product’s validation by a third-party lab, a few of these manufacturers are less concerned about that.

The manufacturers in the latter category take advantage of the ignorance of many canine owners on the need for third-party evaluation.

This is important as the third party lab will be able to properly examine the product’s composition, exposing flaws that need to be corrected. When you purchase a product that has not gone through this, you are putting the life of your dog on the line. So, we strongly advise that you take note of this when buying CBD oil for dogs, or any other canine cannabidiol product.

Also, you must ensure that the third party lab is a reliable one. This is so that you are certain the validation is as objective as possible.

The Packaging

Just so you know, the subject of packaging is very important (especially) when dealing with edibles and pharmaceutical products. This is because these items can lose their potency with the wrong exposure to atmospheric conditions.

For this reason, you must stay away from products that are not packaged well. The package has to be air-tight to avoid the possibility of mold and bacteria getting a hold of the drug.

Furthermore, we strongly advise that the eventually purchased drug comes with a child-resistant package. This means that the package should not allow children easy reach to the content.

THC Addition

Not all cannabidiol products make use of THC. For this reason, they all cannot offer the same benefit and so you should be conscious about what you want for your dog before going for any option.

Products made without THC are considered the safer options by pet parents that are very worried about the possibility of their dog getting high.

Well, there is no need to worry even with drugs that use THC. This is because the use of THC is very minute but triggers some synergistic effects.

By and large, it is important that you know certain things before administering CBD products to your dog. This is so that you can get the best of this drug. For more information on this subject, you can watch:


As stressed at various points in this article, the safety and effectiveness of CBD oil for dogs and other cannabidiol products are largely dependent on the manufacturer. Therefore, it is in you and your canine’s best interest that your CBD product is gotten from the right manufacturer.

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