Love weed but cant enjoy weed anymore

So after smoking for nearly 5 years I can not enjoy weed anymore. I really like this plant, I like getting high and playing music, traveling, walking, watching techniques so on.. Nevertheless now i’m paranoid, like every thing isint real, anxious, also a bit depressed. And im a person that is happy i rearly experience these feeling when im sober. Im always thinking of things, analysing everything. Weed used to help me. I could be dump and care free. Now i get more analytic. Im scared to make jokes, to even talk on weed im gonna say something stupid because i think. Also tho my buddies and me personally talk about dump always shit rather than simply take any such thing severe within our smoking cigarettes meetups.

I do not desire to stop this god of a plant. Can anybody assist me personally? Perhaps you have had advice. ( Cant get 100% sativa or indica. Weed is actually unlawful in my own country, cant grow or elected what i’d like )

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