Former Alcoholic. 37/M, started smoking dispensary product a month ago: still not feeling much of anything. Help!

I’ve been sober over two years, have decided to join some friends in smoking. I’ve only had dispensary-sold flower, shake and disposable vape. Aside from a little relaxation while with someone else smoking, along with a bit of silly chatter from lower inhibitions, I’ve not once felt much of a high. I’ve smoked joints, bong, one-hitters and bowls. I’ve smoked Newports for years, so I know how to smoke. But so far, if this is as good as it gets, I cannot understand the fuss y’all make about this stuff!

I figure somehow I’m doing something wrong or perhaps my 10 years of severe alcoholism has somehow warped my ability to really feel high from pot. I don’t know, figured I’d try with you folks before giving up on Cannabis for recreation and anxiety reduction.

Any help, advice, experience or suggestions would be so appreciated. Grateful for your time.

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