Marijuana use no longer automatic disqualification for Biden appointees

The Biden administration on Friday released new guidelines that will no longer penalize political appointees for previous recreational use of marijuana.

Under the new policy, the White House can now waive a requirement for “Top Secret” clearance for possible appointees in the Executive Office of the President who have previously used pot on a “limited” basis, NBC News reported. The waiver will only be used on a case-by-case basis and can apply to positions that do not ultimately require a security clearance.

Marijuana use has not been made legal under federal law, though an increasing number of states and cities have moved to legalize the drug for both medical and recreational use. Biden transition officials recognized that the recreational weed use could potentially pose an issue for prospective appointees, according to NBC.

The new policy will reportedly only apply to marijuana, and waivers can still be withheld depending on the extent of its use. Anyone who is granted the waiver must then agree to stop pot use during the term of their government service and consent to random drug tests. [Read more at The Hill]

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