Is my response to weed normal?

I’ve recently started experimenting with weed, but I’m not sure if my experience with being high is normal or not.

TL;DR: I can’t keep track of conversations I’m actively having while high, but even if I do, I won’t remember much the next day, or even after coming down from being stoned. My friend says that he remembers things just fine. Over a few days, I’ll remember bits and pieces, but I’d say that I don’t remember a good 90% of the conversations I have or things I do. It’s very frustrating, but is it normal?

I tend to worry a lot about remembering stuff, especially when I’m having a good time, but it seems like weed makes me forget any good time I might be having while high. I’m not super distressed about it, but I feel like I’m bothering people when I have to ask them to recall nearly everything for me.

Some background and more info:

Tried weed for the first time in January with some home-made edibles (made by another person with more experience, obviously). They must have been pretty strong, cause it felt similar to how the anesthetic felt for my wisdom teeth: I’d seemingly pass out for 5 minutes, then come to, have a short conversation, then fall back asleep. I also experienced the conversation gaps and memory loss.

Mid February, I went over to a friends house and tried his vape, but I also experienced the same conversation gaps and memory loss, but I do remember that I didn’t fall asleep like with the improperly-dosed edible.

The next day, I ate half of a properly dosed edible (10mg, so I had 5mg), and I remember most of that night pretty well. Maybe I’m just over-dosing on accident? I wasn’t going crazy with the vape, though.

Then, this past weekend, we smoked fresh stuff through his bong. I know that I hit it way too hard because even my friend was concerned. I don’t remember any of that night, except for the beginning: coughing up a lung and then being very jittery for a little bit.

I’d really like to enjoy being high with friends, and I do while high, but not remembering the good times had after, when I’m sober, really sucks.

Thanks for any input.

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