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CBD has already proved to be a valuable member of your skin care routine with its nourishing and balancing effects. Now, it’s time to pamper your body to the same skin-healthy benefits with the best CBD soaps.

Providing an easier absorption of the trendy ingredient through the skin, CBD-enriched soaps support your body’s natural endocannabinoid system and bind to its cannabinoid receptors so you can enjoy the calming and soothing goodness of CBD while cleansing away impurities. Renowned for its skin-calming capabilities and gentle formula, using CBD soap as a body wash can alleviate redness, irritation and inflammation associated with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. When combined with emollients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and more, the best CBD soaps also quench dry skin and impart it with a silky-smooth softness. Available in traditional, eco-friendly bar designs that can be used on your face, hands and body, some formulas even contain circulation-boosting and detoxifying ingredients to create a rejuvenating and purifying experience for your skin, helping to stimulate collagen production and withdraw pollutants and toxins from deep within your pores for healthier, firmer and brighter skin.

Beyond the realms of skin care, the best CBD soaps provide the same pain relief treatment that the popular wellness ingredient delivers when it’s in balm, cream and tincture form, promoting healthy muscle recovery that relaxes aches while simultaneously cleansing your skin. For a truly relaxing experience, most are formulated with mood-boosting and invigorating essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree so you can treat your mind to a moment of calm as well.

Below, explore the best CBD soaps that will elevate your body care routine.

Leef Organics Nooks + Crannies CBD Soap

Available in five fan-favorite scents like Cucumber Melon and innovative detoxifying varieties like Charcoal & Clay, the Leef Organics Nooks + Crannies CBD Soap creates a soothing and restorative lather thanks to its CBD-fortified formula, which removes impurities from skin while calming irritation, boosting hydration and infusing it with free radical-fighting antioxidants.

Leef Organics Nooks + Crannies CBD Soap $22 Buy Now

CBD Living Soap

Enriched with 100 mg. of nano CBD particles for faster absorption, the CBD Living Soap covers your body in rich nourishment courtesy of its conditioning coconut oil-based formula. Available in four scents each fortified with essential oils for a mindful aromatherapy moment, this THC-free CBD bar soap is made with the brand’s Proprietary Skin Retention Technology to ensure that it penetrates deeply into the skin, making it great for alleviating pain and tension while also delivering a skin-purifying cleanse.

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Mission Farms CBD Relieve CBD Goats Milk Soap

Created with dry, irritated skin types in mind, the Mission Farms CBD Relieve CBD Goats Milk Soap offers unmatched relief with its inflammation-fighting and hydration-boosting combination of goat’s milk and full spectrum CBD. Suitable for sensitive skin and offering a viable soothing treatment for those suffering from psoriasis, this CBD soap absorbs quickly into your skin and even helps alleviate muscle aches and tension.

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Cannuka Cleansing Body Bar

Pampering your skin with a nourishing, softening and moisturizing blend of CBD and manuka honey, the Cannuka Cleansing Body Bar smooths away unwanted texture and tone while infusing your body with lasting hydration. Purifying tea tree oil, circulation-boosting black pepper oil, conditioning coconut butter and antioxidant-rich grapeseed oil also come together in this top-rated CBD bar soap to create a truly nutritive and revitalizing experience for your skin.

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Wildflower Vanilla CBD Soap

Crafted from high-quality broad-spectrum CBD extracts to deliver an optimal skin-soothing and muscle-relaxing experience, the Wildflower Vanilla CBD Soap gently exfoliates dead skin cells and purifies your pores of impurities while imparting a sweet vanilla scent on your skin. Versatile and extremely hydrating by design, this hemp-based CBD soap contains less than 0.03% of THC and its sudsy lather can be used as a hand soap, face wash, shampoo and body wash, ensuring a nourishing and moisturizing cleanse from your head to your toes.

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Herbivore Emerald Soap

Comprised of 50 mg. of CBD, the Herbivore Emerald Soap offers a rejuvenating cleanse for your face and body thanks to its hemp seed oil-enriched formula, which is gentle enough for all skin types. Creating a detoxifying and deeply purifying lather using kaolin clay, this cult-favorite CBD soap removes all traces of dirt, oil, toxins and impurities from your skin as it replenishes it with hydrating jojoba oil and soothing aloe.

herbivore, best cbd soaps

herbivore, best cbd soaps

Herbivore Emerald Soap $14 Buy Now


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