I’m 17 and have been smoking marijuana since I was 13. I’m concerned about the effects. Need help

So I got in trouble last year for possession and since then I’ve cut down to three times a week which I’ve been maintaining really well but before that I would say maybe once a day for about a year and a half and then before that just once a week usually. I gotta say, the stuff makes me feel really good and happy. I have ADHD and wow this helps way more than my meds. I’m in trouble with the law and I’m starting college soon so I need to stop in my tracks but I love weed. I seriously love it! The smell, the taste, even rolling it. The entire experience is so eurhphoric for me (don’t judge) but it might hurt my brain so I think I should stop.

Right now I’m looking for tips on potential damage already suffered and then what if I go forward with weed? I’m in California so it’s prevelant in my culture and widely accepted but I want to get my doctorate eventually. Any advice?

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