I want to help someone I know go from using Dr prescribed opiates to cannabis, they have tried it and found some relief. I would like Reddit’s opinion on what strains work best for you medically for chronic pain.

Someone I know has been on a opiate prescription for their pain and it is getting out of control and they want to transition to a new pain relief, recently they have found some what of relief in some (who knows what strain) indica 50/50 THC CBD capsules, I might add this person will not smoke cannabis either but has found some what of a relief in consuming 10mgs of an indica dominant capsule.

As someone who has smoked marijuana over the last ten years I KNOW different strains hit different. I actually hate edibles with a passion and have hardly consumed any at all over my years of marijuana use, that’s why I thought I would come to some of these Reddit communities and see who knew what.

It’s pretty cut and dry, we are trying to help someone come off of opiates into cannabis, I need your opinion on what we should try.

Growing it is not a problem, it’s rather a hobby that can be turned to something helpful here.

I’m just a simple guy trying to help someone out, if I have asked this question in the wrong sub, let me know! Again just looking for help!

Thank you -Fellow Northwestern Stoner

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