Best Weed Butter Maker | Top Cannabutter Machine Reviews

best weed butter maker

best weed butter maker

If you are not a fan of smoking weed and vaping cannabis, there are also other ways to enjoy the herb’s effects. For instance, one can try gummy bears, candies, butter, brownies, and even infused wáter. With the increase in the rate of cannabis legalization, the rates at which cannabutter machines are hitting the market also increase.

When it comes to making weed butter or any other weed infusions, the temperature is the key. It calls for the need for a high-quality weed butter maker.

While you can go ahead and try making it in a crockpot or a stove burner, it can get very messy. The right gadgets make the process easier and more fun.

I want to start by saying that you don’t need a fancy gadget if you plan to make a few cannabis remedies. However, if you wish to make your infusions, tan investing in a good weed butter maker is essential.

Selection of the Best Cannabutter Machines:

Top Weed Butter Maker Reviews:

1. Magical Butter Maker MB2e

MB2e MagicalButter Machine

MB2e MagicalButter MachineIt is undoubtedly one of the finest countertop botanical extractors. The Magical Butter can infuse herbs and turn them into oil, lotions, butter, tinctures, and much more. Moreover, the machine helps to create incredible recipes.

The box includes a blender, a heating unit as well as a programmable thermostat.

This weed butter is perfect for beginners and professionals alike, making the entire process super fun and easy. The MagicalButter machine grinds, stir, steeps, and heats the herbal extract at the right time intervals and creates a perfect infusión every single time.

Making weed butter with the help of Magical Butter MB2e enables you to achieve consistent results safely and efficiently.

The top features of the product include completely automatic program sequences, stainless steel pitcher, digital thermostat & sensors, self-cleaning product, and capacity to create five cups/cycle.


2. Levo II – Oil and Butter Infusion Machine

LEVO II cannabutter machine

LEVO II cannabutter machineLEVO II has managed to streamline herbal infusión from start to finish. Whether you are a beautician or a chemist or merely a hobbyist, this product will work for you and allow you to create magical butter, scented gummies, dressings, and much more.

Levo 2 oil infuser has a lot of unique features, including three setting options; infuse, actívate, and dry, operation monitoring with the help of Levo application, romantic control, ceramic-coated, slanted reservoir, up to 19 oz with a single touch, double herb capacity, complete recipe control, precise temperature, and time control.

Moreover, Levo 2 is easy to clean, does not require additives, emulsifiers, or solvents, is non-toxic, and free of teflón.

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3. Two Stick Easy Butter Maker

Two Stick Butter Maker

Two Stick Butter Maker

This easy butter maker will make your life super easy and effective. Two Stick Butter Maker allows you to easily infuse the butter or oils in a matter of fewer than 10 minutes.

Unlike, majority of the weed butter makers, it comes with one stick and two stick units. The one stick unit can infuse up to 5 grams of cannabis, and a two stick unit can infuse up to 10 grams.

Some of the features of this fantastic weed butter machine include stainless steel construction, lifetime warranty, easy and effortless cleaning.

Two Stick Butter Maker can make a complete finished product in less than 10 minutes. The box comes with a complete package including free molds and a baking pan


4. Ardent Nova Decarboxylator

Ardent Nova Decarboxylator

Ardent Nova Decarboxylator

If you are looking for an easy butter make that can decarb the cannabis in one click; ardent nova is the best option. It guarantees complete activations of THC or CBD.

Ardent Nova gives you an odorless and mess-free experience. Ardent Nova is 7.5″ x 4″, which makes it ideal to use at home. It can hold up to 1 ounce of flower or 5 ounces of kief.

To extend the Ardent Nova review, let’s look at a few of the key features. Nova ultimately activates oils and botanicals, locks in the odor, practically giving you a fragrance-free experience.

It is easy and effortless to use. The large holding capacity is one of the best features and makes it work perfectly fine for oral, sublingual as well as topical use.


5. LEVO I – Herbal Oil and Butter Infuser Machine

LEVO I weed butter machine

LEVO I weed butter machineA lot of chefs and skincare brands are severely affected by herbal infusións. However, with Levo I, one doesn’t have to be an expert to create herbal infusions.

Levo I offer a 3-year warranty. The box comes with a herb pod, silicone stirrer, and stainless steel reservoir. It comes in four color options; black, orange, cream, and stone grey.

Prominent features of Levo I include infusion up to 16 oz, ease of use, smell control, time, and temperature control.

Moreover, Levo I is non-toxic and is free from additives, solvents, or emulsifiers

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6. STX International – Weed Butter Maker



STX INTERNATIONAL is an eco-friendly product. Designed with a máximum capacity performance thermostat, the product allows you to create batch ranges of 1 to 4 cups of butter. Moreover, it offers easy operational precisión and comes with a state of art microprocessor.

STX butter maker gives you the option of choosing between predetermined settings and DIY settings. This butter maker is made up of grade 304 Stainless Steel and a slip-resistant coating.

It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee along with a three-year warranty as well. Some of the critical features of STX International weed butter machine include stainless steel body, 2 to 8 stick creation capacity, Led digital control panel, easy operational precisión, and two purifier builders.

The box comes with an official Infuzium 420 Cookbook loaded with over 80 recipes. A three-year warranty that covers the costs of parts, as well as labor, is a major plus as well.


7. Hi Herbal and Weed Infuser

Hi Herbal Infuser Countertop Botanical Extractor Butter

Hi Herbal Infuser Countertop Botanical Extractor Butter

This next-generation weed butter machine is designed with the help of proprietary technology and gives máximum potency results.

This magic butter machine is known for its speed and simplicity. It is the easiest and the most cost-effective way to utilize herbs to the fullest. Controlled infusión cycles transfer the plant compounds to base, creating butter, oil, extracts, and much more.

Hi Herbal Infuser comes with a detailed manual, an infuser unit, and a set of gloves. Prime features of this magic butter machine include a food-grade stainless steel body, 30-day money-back guarantee, Led countdown timer, capacity to produce two to five cups, and microprocessor-controlled infusión cycles.


The Art of Weed Butter

Weed Butter book

Weed Butter book

We want to end this list with a book. An excellent weed butter machine is essential to create a high-quality product but there are a few tips, tricks, and recipes involved in the process. With the right method, one can quickly transfer weed or cannabis into an edible.

This book will allow you to learn the art of transforming weed to butter, oils, or any other kind of fat. It is packed with colorful photos along with a step-by-step guide which will help you créate the best product with the right cannabutter machine.


Wrapping Up with the Weed Butter Machines

Making the magical butter involves two key components, the right recipe, and the right butter maker. One cannot do without one or the other. You can get all the recipes from the book we mentioned in the last.

While you are making the purchase, keep a few things in mind; how do you plan to use it and where? Are you using it because you like making stuff in your free time, or is it a business purchase? How often will you be using the machine? What makes commercial sense?

This is the key to buying a suitable product for you and will help you make a wise decisión.

Now that you are familiar with magical butter machine reviews and the top options available in the market, you can proceed with your venture and become a magic butter maker.

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