Where is the best town or city in the US (that has legalized recreational cannabis) to visit?

I have a grade IV GBM. Right now, I’m in month 14 of a 12-14 month life expectancy, and I feel better than I did before the initial diagnosis. This is the most aggressive and invasive brain cancer, so I have to live each day like it’s my last. I found out that I had a GBM in January of 2020. The next month, after the biopsy, I found out that it was a grade IV. Just having survived as long as I have, I’ve already fallen into the low 25% who live longer than a year with a grade IV GBM. Right after my diagnosis and when I started chemo and radiation treatments, COVID shut the entire world down. While 2020 was an absolute shit show, it was even more so for those of us who are terminally ill.

If this is my last year on this earth, I want to spend a week smoking a wide variety of strains, dining on edibles, and surrounded by beauty and interesting things to do. The smaller the city or town, the better. I’ll probably be staying at an airbnb, and I want to save as much money on where I stay as possible, while also avoiding a ton of tourists who are there for the same reason as I am.

So basically, I’m looking for a small(ish) town or city that has a good number of dispensaries to choose from, nice scenery, and not a lot of tourists. I plan on doing this sometime in April or May, as to avoid freezing my butt off. Plus, I’m hoping to be vaccinated before going. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Stay warm out there!

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