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Here are some recommendations on how you can help the bone and joint health of your dog so that you can keep your furry friends in tip-top shape!

Using CBD to help your dog’s joint health.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is derived from the cannabis plant; however, it is not the same as the psychoactive we know as the chemical compound THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD is NOT a psychoactive. Your dog will not get high from CBD.

Although CBD use is relatively new to mainstream media, scientists have been looking into using CBD for dogs and cats for the past few decades. Today we’re seeing a lot of news relating to how dogs recover from many diseases, some of which are initially said to be fatal, thanks to the use of CBD products.

What are the benefits to using CBD?

Among its many benefits, CBD has the ability to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, reduce muscle spasms and reduce anxiety. Dogs have a tendency to be nervous and anxious when they’re in pain. CBD will help in overall healing. In conjunction with our 18 Joint Support, 12 BTC, 44 Hemp Seed Coconut Oil for Dogs, our CBD for Pets is a positive addition to your pet’s joint health regimen.

Top herbal inflammation fighters:

TURMERIC – This Indian spice has healing properties that researchers are just beginning to understand. Benefits of Turmeric include fighting infection and helping control arthritis and pain for joint health. Rhizomes in Turmeric support a healthy response to inflammation.

BURDOCK – Burdock contains powerful anti inflammatory abilities and is an important part of an arthritis diet. It improves inflammation status and oxidative stress in subjects with degenerative joints. It is also high in fiber, Vitamin B6, potassium and magnesium. Being also a diuretic, it flushes out excess water.

BOSWELLIA – Also known as Frankincense, this anti inflammatory, anti arthritic, and anti rheumatic herb has been used for centuries for joint health, dating back to 700 BC. Boswellia is an analgesic and positively affects and strengthens the immune system. An integral part of our 18 Joint Support, Boswellia supports healthy joint function and inhibits the growth of enzymes that can have negative effects by targeting against the breakdown of cartilage.

YUCCA – Yucca has been gaining recent popularity by it’s other name, Cassava. Native Americans have used the yucca plant to help aid inflammation. Thanks to its rich content of both manganese and antioxidants it’s especially useful in providing relief from arthritis symptoms and alleviating inflammation.

BLACK COHOSH – Rich in isoferulic acids, Black Cohosh supports pain relief and reduces bone loss that improves joint health. It has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine as an anti inflammatory.

How can I heal my dog’s torn ACL naturally?

Maintain a natural approach to healing by incorporate antioxidants and joint protectants into the diet, while also increasing circulation to promote joint health. This is where our 18 Joint Support and our 12 BTC (bone, tissue, cartilage) can be beneficial. Work on your dog’s weight to get him within normal limits, as excess weight put extra stress on the body. Feeding your dog an optimal diet – a raw and grain-free diet if possible.

Healing does takes time, so be patient with your patient. Gradually increase exercise with your dog over time. Keep in mind complete inactivity will weaken the good leg, but excessive activity will slow healing.

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