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When many people think about cannabis, they often picture a secret garden operated by shady dealers. Things, however, are changing for the better. The stigma attached to using cannabis is beginning to fade. For example, with an Ohio medical marijuana card, you can walk into a medical dispensary and legally purchase marijuana. This is because this plant is good for both medicinal and recreational use.

Federally, cannabis is still an illegal operation. However, nowadays, many states in the United States consider cannabis companies and ancillary services as essential businesses. Since the coronavirus hit the country, consumer demand has been steady, if not growing. For instance, Ohio medical marijuana cardholders continue to get their medicine.

This budding industry is expanding and moving toward the future with high-paying jobs and legitimized workforces. These workforces have been keeping the cannabis industry alive during the lockdowns and a national economic downturn. Entrepreneurs everywhere are wondering how they can break into the cannabis industry.

According to, about 250,000 people in the U.S. currently work part-time or full-time in this promising industry. Analysts expect this number to grow as the legal use of marijuana expands into new territories. You probably hear about how much money medical marijuana dispensaries make.

Popular Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Few industries need such a wide range of skills and experience to run. From new product development to agriculture to retail to chemical testing, all falling under a layer of strict rules and regulations. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, jobs and salaries continue to vary widely. However, people at all levels of education can find a job in this industry. You can find a career as a Ph.D. chemist, finance professional, horticulturist, manufacturer, or even a driver.

Some of the most popular jobs in the cannabis industry include:

Marijuana Consultant

As you probably know, consulting tends to be a high-paying career. The marijuana industry is no exception. As a consultant in this industry, you can earn six figures each year. All you need to do is combine your knowledge of local and state cannabis laws with your background as an accountant, lawyer, or person with experience.

You can help new businesses in the industry obtain licenses, find appropriate locations, and guide them on legal matters. If you have accounting skills, you can help them with tax requirements and bookkeeping, which can be tricky. This is because cannabis is mainly a cash business, thanks to the fact that it is illegal at the federal level.

Other high-paying jobs in the cannabis industry include:

  • Dispensary CFO and COO: You can earn more than $120,000 a year, plus retirement benefits and medical.
  • Cannabis extraction technician: You can earn anywhere between $75,000 and $125,000 annually.
  • Botanical Specialist: salary of approximately $100,000.


If you do not have high academic qualifications, you can work as a budtender within a store or dispensary. Your job will be to offer suggestions to recreational or medical marijuana customers, handle products, answer questions, and display products on offer. If a person with an Ohio medical marijuana card, for example, comes to your dispensary, it will be your job to serve him/her.

The cannabis industry is full of great jobs that will not require you to touch the plant. You can align any of your existing expertise, experience, and skills with this industry. From graphic design and branding to public relations and writing, you can always find an area to build a career in this industry.


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