A ‘charming’ addition to Bellmore Village

After swapping psychic readings for massage therapy sessions in the early days of their friendship, East Meadow residents Lori McGuire and Ilana Slavin decided to offer their services to the community in the form of a storefront. Not knowing a global pandemic was on the horizon, the two opened Charmed The Eclectic Healing Shoppe in the hamlet on Feb. 15, 2020.

While dealing with Covid-related closures last spring, the East Meadow mothers realized their business needed room to grow. They soon found a “perfect little spot” in Bellmore Village, Slavin said. At Charmed’s new location (305 C Bedford Ave.), residents can shop from an array of holistic health items and novelty gifts or sign up for healing therapies and wellness classes to stay sane during the pandemic.

“We know people need us,” McGuire said, “and we like to pride ourselves on everything being made by other moms.”

Almost all the items at Charmed are handmade or produced by local women, McGuire said. Inside, customers can peruse hand-poured candles infused with reiki healings or adorned with dried flowers and tiny crystals; organic hair and body care products; essential oils; and CBD products. The store also sells handcrafted, gemstone jewelry designed by a local silversmith, for which custom orders are available.

Located near the register are three shelves worth of healing crystals contained in glass bowls. Each crystal is imbued with its own unique set of healing properties, which are listed on little cards sold with the stones. Rose quartz, for example, is said to restore trust and harmony in relationships and encourage unconditional love, and open the heart to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and peace.

Charmed also doubles as a holistic care center, offering meditation, yoga, reiki and crystal classes and healing services on a weekly basis. Having practiced as a psychic medium for more than 10 years, McGuire gives tarot card readings on “Tarot Tuesdays” and hosts “Psychic Saturdays” alongside other mediums, where participants can get readings from multiple psychics in one sitting. Slavin leads yoga and meditation classes on Thursday nights and provides massage therapy using crystals, essential oils and other alternative remedies.

As reiki masters, both women promote healing of the mind, body and soul by channeling positive energy into their clients. “It’s all about transmuting energy into positive energy, and it really helps people out of depression and just motivates them,” McGuire explained.

“Even just the circulation from the touch of the reiki, that’s healing,” Slavin added. “It’s taking that moment or that time for yourself, and I think that that’s crucial to people and their mental health.”

With many people grappling with secondary effects of the pandemic, including social isolation, loss and loneliness, the cozy space inside Charmed is a peaceful sanctuary to those looking for light amid the darkness.

“We just want to be a constant source for people to be able to reach out and receive . . . healing that’s suitable to them,” Slavin said. “A lot of people come in here and say they’re happy to have a place like this nearby, so we’re happy to be able to [provide] this access for [them].”

The shop will celebrate its grand opening in Bellmore this Saturday. For more information, visit “Charmed Eclectic Healing Shoppe” on Facebook and Instagram.

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