Trying to ween myself off of marijuana…

It’s been a very tough decision and I deeply admire anyone who can absolutely go about their day high, but I can’t seem to get a grip on it. I’ve realized I may have developed more of a problem with smoking than an actual solution with it.

When I smoke, I get lazy (admittedly) and it’s not exactly accessible for me to find a certain strain, like sativa specifically, to help energize me because of certain laws where I live.

Although I love marijuana and all the benefits it gives me, I do see the downside with my interaction with it personally. I tend to reach for the bong a little too often and have failed to be able to control when and how often I smoke throughout my days.

Does anyone else experience this as well? Or maybe have thought about it lately? If so, any advice is welcome.

I know there’s an obvious cut it out completely, but I’m hoping more like minded friends will have a different opinion.

Also, Wednesday is my birthday and if I did cut it out, I know it’s after that lol. After all, you only turn 30 once!

Much love everyone.

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