Top Ten Guided Meditations for Sleep

Millions of Americans suffer from sleep disturbances. These come from a simple poor night’s sleep to full-blown medical issues diagnosable only through a sleep study. But perhaps, as Deepak Chopra, says in one of these guided meditations for sleep videos below (#7), the greatest cause of insomnia is fear of insomnia— that feeling of itchy frustration when you’re lying in bed with the lights out while staring at the ceiling.

With your thoughts spinning out of control, the more discouraged you get, and the further away sleep seems to be. Knowing if you don’t sleep now, you’ll be exhausted in the morning and everything that was hard about today—causing you to stay awake—will be even harder.

But there’s help out there that doesn’t require any medication — and it’s just a click away. These ten guided meditations on YouTube can help you calm those feelings of anxiety and perhaps lead you to a place of restfulness. As many of the YouTube commenters noted, sometimes they couldn’t even make it through the entire meditation before they were sound asleep. Others say that these video posts have solved long-term sleep problems.

Keep in mind that these are just anecdotal reports of success. But if you’re struggling to sleep, these are low-risk options that don’t cost anything that might be able to help. Here’s our top 10 favorite guided meditations for sleep, with a bit of commentary to help you narrow it down. Which one of these works best for you? Let us know!

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