Nu-X CBD Wants To Improve Your Life with the “Free CBD for All” Campaign

If you have tried lots of pain relievers, and health aides that gave you limited relief, there is no better time than now to try CBD. Some people have a stigma against this effective treatment because of its connection to cannabis, but Nu-X is out to change that by giving away some of their most popular CBD products for free.

For shipping costs, customers get to try the non-THC remedy of Nu-X CBD On-The-Go Tinctures or Soft Gels. The Tincture from Nu-X CBD comes in Natural, and flavors like Blueberry, Mango, and Mint to spare you any natural hemp taste. It comes in a 16.5 ml squeeze bottle with 250 mg of our hemp derived CBD so that you can take it with you for on the go relaxation. Nu-X CBD Infused Soft Gels provide the same relaxing effect in a consistent dosing option.

Each packet comes with 10 capsules of 15MG Broad Spectrum CBD that is both non-GMO and vegan. Both the soft gels, and tinctures join a full line of non-THC products like sleep, happy, energizing and creative tinctures along with inhalers, pre-rolls and disposable pens that deliver the kind of relief you need in your preferred delivery.

Right now, we are enjoying their fruit flavored gummies to get settled into home after it acting as an office all day. Visit Nu-X now, and take advantage of their Free CBD For All campaign, and know the benefits and relief that CBD can bring. Enter coupon code FREE at checkout, for your choice of Mango, Blue Raspberry, Mint or Hemp Flavored CBD Tinctures or CBD Soft Gel Capsules.

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