NJ.com Reports New Jersey Police Have Arrested 6000 + For Cannabis Violations Since State Voted For Regulated Cannabis

Would you believe it?

Yes we would..

Unfortunately this story is behind a paywall at NJ.com but if you can access it is well worth a read.

If the numbers were in the low hundreds it would sort of be understandable .. but 6000+ arrests illustrates that there is certainly something wrong in the nexus between politics, law enforcemment and cannabis legalization in the state.

It might also help if the NJ Police force didn’t take their look from the school of Mussolini wardrobe

NJ Police – Source: https://www.njsp.org/

Read more at. https://www.nj.com/marijuana/2021/02/nj-cops-have-arrested-6000-people-for-weed-since-voters-passed-ballot-question-to-legalize-marijuana.html

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