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Dual-listed medicinal cannabis player, MCG Pharma has launched a new, expanded in-vitro study into the treatment of aggressive glioblastoma brain cancer. Dual-listed medicinal cannabis player, MCG Pharma has launched a new, expanded in-vitro study into the treatment of aggressive glioblastoma brain cancer.
Camera Icon Dual-listed medicinal cannabis player, MCG Pharma has launched a new, expanded in-vitro study into the treatment of aggressive glioblastoma brain cancer. Credit: Joana Lopes/File

ASX and LSE-listed medicinal cannabis player, MGC Pharma has launched an expanded in-vitro study into the treatment of aggressive and therapeutically resistant, Glioblastoma Multiform, or “GBM” brain cancers. The new study will include the use of MGC Pharma’s nanoparticle delivery system designed to improve treatment outcomes.

The company’s latest effort, in collaboration with the National Institute of Biology and the Neurosurgery at the University Medical Centre which are both located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, will target the elimination of therapy-resistant glioblastoma stem cells.

Previous research by the company has pointed to a combined treatment strategy for Glioblastoma using a mixture of “cannabinoids”, including its proprietary cannabidiol, or “CBD” treatment and “THC” which is short for ‘delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol’.

Preliminary results of MGC Pharma’s recent research using its cannabidiol treatment on Glioblastoma were formally published at the end of December last year. The most notable result to come from the peer-reviewed study was the positive effect of inhibiting Glioblastoma progression when the non-toxic formulation, cannabigerol, or “CBG”, was added to the mix.

According to the company, CBD is demonstrated to inhibit tumour viability and CBG is more efficient in setting off the cascade of biological processes leading to the apoptosis, or death of glioblastoma cells.

The publication of our research in such a prestigious medical journal such as MDPI is a great achievement and validates our findings of using cannabinoids on GBM. Prior to its publication, all research is required to undergo a peer review process where other medical researchers scrutinise the research procedures and subsequent findings. Importantly, we are now moving forward with our next stage research which will now incorporate a new and innovative drug delivery systems. This is a very significant step for our research program and IP, as we look to transform and advance the way brain tumours are treated.

MGC Pharma Managing Director and Co-founder, Roby Zomer

The known psychoactive effects of THC have sometimes hampered its medical use in cancer patients who suffer relapses with associated cognitive impairment due to the progression of the disease.

However if the company’s in-vitro trials of its non-toxic cannabinoid compound, CBG, are successful, it could become the benchmark treatment for Glioblastoma tumours when coupled with CBD ahead of THC.

Interestingly, the latest in-vitro trial by MGC Pharma will integrate its new nanoparticle delivery system which involves effectively wrapping the microcapsule of CBD in a sheath of nanoparticles and nana-emulsion to deliver the drug to the target site.

More importantly, MCG Pharma’s proprietary, smart nanoparticle delivery system reduces the dosage frequency by allowing the drug to be released in a controlled manner according to the company.

The nanoparticle delivery system has already been used successfully in clinical trials of MGC’s COVID-kicking anti-inflammatory formulation, ArtemiC, which is looking promising in the fight against COVID-19.

MGC Pharma’s ArtemiC product is a natural food supplement formulation based on Artemisinin and Curcumin mixed with supporting ingredients, Vitamin C and Boswellia serrata, both of which are well-known natural active ingredients with anti-infective properties.

Having already generated healthy revenues from its various medical cannabis-based health and skincare products, MGC is now forging ahead to secure its place at the top of the pack of wannabe’s who are still looking for something to cure using medicinal cannabis.

With its new London listing delivering an almost doubling of its share price in just a week, the markets here and abroad will no doubt be watching to see if the next round of research by MGC can deliver a brain cancer-killing, cannabinoid cocktail – watch this space.

NB: This article is for general financial markets news purposes only and is not to be taken as an endorsement of, or advertisement for any individual product, medicine or drug.

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