Local governments’ rules on drugs, alcohol use on job extend to recreational marijuana | Local news

“There are some classes of employees though, where it is still prohibited in their system, namely, commercial driver’s licenses,” Evans said.

The Tucson Police Department continues to prohibit marijuana use for its employees.

The department’s public information office stated it had received several questions about the regulations since the recent legalization of marijuana, and according to the department’s general order, “marijuana remains an illegal schedule I dangerous drug under the Federal Controlled Substances Act thereby prohibiting department members from using, possessing or selling marijuana, or engaging in any other conduct that would violate the Controlled Substances Act.”

The department’s general orders also prohibit department members and their spouses from “having any ownership interest in, or personal involvement or association with a medical marijuana dispensary.”

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department has the same regulations for marijuana as the police department.

“Per our current personnel policies, ‘department members shall not possess or use any controlled substance, narcotic, or hallucinogenic except when prescribed by a physician or dentist,’” said Deputy Marissa Hernandez, a department spokeswoman.

Since the legalization, the Arizona State Health Department has issued 108 marijuana establishment licenses to sell recreational marijuana.

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