Circle K Carrying Cannabis Gift Cards in Canada

Cannabis gift cards in CanadaCannabis gift cards in Canada

Cannabis and Canadian Maple Leaf Flower

When it comes to federal legalization of cannabis, Canada is already miles ahead of the U.S. While America is still weighing and discussing the subject, Canada has taken yet another step towards normalizing cannabis.

Cannabis gift cards in Canada are now being sold at Circle K locations. A forward-thinking and thoughtful initiative, we say.

Fire & Flower and Circle K Collaborations Ascend

As seen in classic stoner films like Half Baked and Clerks, cannabis and corner stores have been wanting to collaborate for decades. Only now that partnership is becoming legitimate and official thanks to companies like Fire & Flower and Circle K.

Fire & Flower recently announced their opening of two cannabis shops adjacent to Circle K locations in Alberta as part of a new project between the two companies. One of their joint ventures is cannabis gift cards.

Cannabis Gift Cards are Afoot at the Circle K

Well, it’s not just Bill & Ted who will be stopping by the Circle K this year and well into the foreseeable future – to stock up on cannabis gift cards.

To be specific, we’re talking about Fire & Flower dispensary, a well-known dispensary chain in Canada, who have decided to sell their gift cards at Circle K, a gas station frequented by just about everyone.

With Circle K carrying cannabis gift cards in Canada and expanding their locations into Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, they already boast around 300 locations that carry the cards.

Fire & Flower conveniently offers retail sales and a digital platform that helps guests keep track of purchases and take advantage of special deals.

Now, however, they are bringing their cannabis a-game by entering into the world of gift cards, an avenue that previously has been off the table.

Gift cards are available in amounts ranging from $25 to $100, and are redeemable at any Fire & Flower location and also online for ‘click and collect’ orders.

How Fire & Flower is Helping to Normalize Cannabis

It seems like the next step in the ongoing expansion of clever companies like Fire & Flower in Canada, is targeting the gift card market for the cannabis industry.

In an attempt to change the way cannabis sales are done in Canada, this new innovation will certainly impact other dispensaries in the market. Circle K carrying cannabis gift cards in Canada is not just a dream anymore.

Fire & Flower gift cards reflect the company’s continued investment in their relationship with consumers. Similarly, each gift card signifies a sincere connection between customers and their loved ones.

“Our commitment to digitally enabled and convenient retail experiences is an important part of our strategy as a tech-enabled, differentiated brand retail.”

This new marketing avenue is no accident for this established brand. Market research into Canadian spending habits reveals that more than half the Canadian population are still purchasing gift cards.

Moreover, customers who use gift cards are apt to spend more than their value. In other words, they spend the amount on the gift card and then keep buying from the same brand. For all these reasons, expanding into gift cards is a significant move for Fire & Flower and the cannabis industry as a whole.

This is marked as a sizeable milestone for the cannabis industry that has been in the shadows for a long time, and even then, had to fight to be taken more seriously alongside things like the alcohol and food industries.

Now, buying a gift card to your favorite dispensary has finally been normalized, at least in Canada. What are some of the motivations behind the actions of companies like Fire & Flower? We investigate below.

About Fire & Flower

Fire & Flower is a leading independent legal cannabis retailer. The company guides consumers through the complex world of cannabis through education-focused and best-in-class retailing while their programs connect cannabis consumers with the latest cannabis products.

The company’s leadership team combines extensive experience in the cannabis industry with strong capabilities in retail operations.

Fire & Flower Holdings Corp., operates cannabis retail store licences in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario and the Yukon territory. They also operate under the names Friendly Stranger, Happy Dayz and HotBox brands.

Through its tactical investment with companies like Circle K Inc., the company is setting its sights on global expansion as new cannabis markets emerge worldwide.

Fire & Flower’s plan also includes the increase of traffic at these Circle K locations, that just so happens to be most convenient for cannabis customers – too.

Fill-up and Get Flower All at Once

If you’ve heard any rumors revolving around Circle K carrying cannabis gift cards in Canada lately, you can now safely affirm the validity of this claim. Stop by your nearest Circle K today to get your loved one(s) the gift of cannabis – and fill-up your tank all in one go!

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