Best Pre-Filled THC Oil Cartridges: Top 3 Brands in 2021

If you love the marijuana high, prefilled THC oil cartridges are the best way to get buzzed – safely!

Technology has changed almost everything in this world. How could the cannabis industry stay away? Right?

Prefilled THC carts are easy to use, convenient to set up, and you can experience the smooth, hassle-free high, without any hiccups – or smoke!

Smoking cannabis emits thick smoke and a strong odor from all that unwanted plant material. But with prefilled THC oil cartridges, you don’t have to worry about that anymore! These contain concentrated cannabinoids that give you the perfect buzz, without the smoke, ash, strong odor – or the awkward stares!

And, that’s not to mention they’re as quick on the uptake as any marijuana cigarette! After all, you’d still be inhaling it.

Besides, these carts come in some delightfully mouth-watering terpene-rich flavors that fill your mind and body with cool tranquility with each puff.

Generally, all vape carts are compatible with 510-thread batteries. So, you can use them with any standard vape device.

Plus, if you love variety, you are in for a joyride. There is a multitude of brands and you can try out a whole bunch of flavors, strengths, and what not!

But if you’re a stickler for quality, then you’d better pay attention.

Not all THC carts out there are good for you.

With so many companies selling prefilled carts, it’s natural for you can get a little flustered, especially when scams are rampant in the industry!

But don’t get confused. We’ll help you make the right choice for you – and your family.

Top Prefilled THC Carts: How We Made Our Selection

As a potential buyer, whether you are a seasoned vaper or a newbie, you must take stock of the brands and their products in the market to be in a position to better gauge their effects and efficacy.

It can be a bit tricky at first. But you’ll eventually get there.

You’ll find a brand you can trust. And then, you have nothing to worry about! You can go ahead and blissfully puff away.

We’ll, of course, tell you all about that in our buying guide. We will also tell you which brands can be trusted as the Best Prefilled THC Cartridges in the current market.

But before that, we will tell you what we did to find our top finalists.

So, shall we…?

We conducted surveys and polls to find out the best and the most popular options in the market. We also asked the participants about their expectations from a brand.

Our experts conducted detailed research on the different practices utilized in creating these masterpieces – right from their farming and extraction processes to their manufacturing and packaging.

We then tried out some of the best options – just to be absolutely sure!

Yes… that’s right. We took every effort to make sure we’ve not missed anything important about the brands or their products – so that you know what to expect as a buyer and a user.

Without further ado, here are our top finalists of the Best Prefilled THC Cartridges for 2021:

Top 3 Prefilled THC Oil Cartridges [2021]

#1. Delta-8 Vape Oil Carts by Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD’s full range of prefilled THC oil carts leaves nothing to desire.

Both its product lines, 10X and Chill Plus, are some of the best Delta-8 THC carts in the market. You’ll be amazed by the variety of flavors and effects they provide. Not only do they contain pure, concentrated delta-8, the Chill Plus also offers the benefits of full-spectrum hemp extracts, complete with other cannabinoids and terpenes.

These THC oils contain CO2 extracted cannabinoids from organic, homegrown strains of Indica and Sativa, blended in with hemp-derived terpenes. Some of them also contain botanical extracts. Most of the flavors in these products come from these terpenes and botanical extracts.

Both the product lines are available in 11 different flavors – Sour Diesel, Grape Ape, Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, Strawberry Lemonade, Apple Fritter, Mango Kush, Banana Kush, Tangie OG, Guava, and Lemon Squeeze. Both 10X cart and Chill Plus contain 900mg of Delta-8 THC.

Testified by third-party labs, these products are all safe, potent, and pure, and devoid of any synthetic chemicals or other contaminants.

All the products sold by this brand contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. So, you can rest assured that you won’t get stoned or experience any adverse effects after vaping these carts. The high they offer isn’t so as high as to get you stoned. The high is mild, yet calming.


  • Made from 100% organic, non-GMO, without any pesticides or artificial chemicals.
  • Contains 900mg of pure and concentrated delta-8 THC.
  • Provides great value for money.
  • Comes in 11 flavors.
  • Third-party lab tested for quality and purity; the results are accessible to the brand’s website visitors.


  • Limited potency variants
  • Not all products contain full-spectrum hemp extracts


People who’ve used Diamond CBD’s range of prefilled delta-8 THC cartridges have only good things to say about them – both for their delightful flavors and long-lasting effects.

Most customers experienced improved appetite, better mood, and higher energy levels after using these prefilled THC oil cartridges. Many said it felt like smoking pot but without any of its unpleasant side effects.


The brand website is very well laid out and informative, with blogs and articles to help the customers better understand the industry and the brand’s products.

  • Fast shipping; free shipping for orders worth over $100.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on unopened products
  • Contact the customer support team over the phone or email for pre-or post-delivery issues with the products

#2. Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge by 3Chi

3Chi’s Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridges are among the most potent Delta-8 cartridges in the market.

The brand aims at producing the best hemp-based products in the health and wellness category. These products are made from organic and GMO-free hemp and extracted using the CO2 extraction method. They contain less than 0.3% of delta-9 THC, making them both legal and safe for human consumption

The THC oil comes in a CCELL cartridge with a ceramic core and mouthpiece for an improved vaping experience. They come in 2 sizes, 1ml and 0.5ml, each containing over 95% pure delta-8 THC extracts. The 1ml variant contains 950mg delta-8 THC, while the 0.5ml has 475mg delta-8.

This product contains pure and concentrated cannabinoid extracts, besides hemp-derived terpenes. These carts come in 25 variations of both strains and flavors. Of these variations, 13 contain cannabis-derived terpenes. You wouldn’t find any cutting agents, like VG, PG, PEG, MCT, or Vitamin E in these carts.


  • High-quality, lab-tested cannabis extracts
  • 95% pure and concentrated delta-8 THC with cannabis-based terpenes/natural botanical extracts
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Lab-tested products


  • No way to contact the customer support team, except for a “contact us” form.
  • Effects are a bit too strong but wear off quickly


2Chi’s Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges are much-loved and appreciated for their potency and efficacy.

Most people found these carts to have positive effects on them, while some complained that they caused some soreness in the throat and chest. Some said the effects didn’t last all that long. But that could be because those customers have been smoking weed for a long time and their bodies have developed tolerance to the cannabinoids.

Customers mostly loved the smooth vaping experience and their flavors. Overall, 3Chi’s products are effective and reasonably priced.


Although 3Chi’s policies regarding its returns, refunds, and exchanges are a bit unclear, customers didn’t face many problems with that. Even though the brand provides only a contact form as means to get in touch with the company, customers felt the support team was quite responsive. The company also provides fast shipping.

#3. Delta-8 High Life THC Vape Cartridge by Boston Hempire

Boston Hempire’s range of Delta-8 THC cartridges is our final top pick for Best Prefilled THC Cartridges.

This brand provides THC oils that are extracted from federally legal hemp sourced from Colorado, US. The high quality of these carts and their Sativa-extracted 920mg-strong delta-8 THC makes for an amazing experience.

Like any responsible brand, 3Chi has ensured the presence of not more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC in these products, making them legal and safe in all 50 states. Each of these products is third-party lab-tested, safe, potent, and pure.

The product is available in 6 variants – Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, AK Therapy (AK47), Jack Herer, Mango, and Blue Ice, with different flavors, like gelato, natural hemp, mango, and mint.


  • Sourced from organic and pesticide-free hemp from Colorado’s licensed farms
  • Free shipping for orders above $99
  • Proactive and honest customer support team
  • Regular discounts for repeat customers


  • A limited range of THC strengths
  • Fewer flavors compared to other brands


Boston Hempire has garnered a lot of positive reviews. People who tried these premium-quality cartridges rated them as one of the best-prefilled THC cartridges in the US.

The flavors, though limited, were mostly loved by customers, as were their efficacy. Customers were generally happy with their products and satisfied with the customer support provided by the company.


Some of the users who used Boston Hempire’s D-8 THC carts complained about the lack of a customer-friendly returns policy.

Buying Guidelines For Prefilled Delta-8 THC Vape Carts

With THC carts’ overwhelming popularity in both the online and offline markets, finding a good quality THC oil cartridge has become even more difficult. So, how would you go about picking one for yourself?

Here’s how…

Sourcing: The oil must be derived from organic, GMO-free, and pesticide-free hemp plants. The brand website should provide all that information.

Purity & Quality: Make sure the products you’re buying are safe, pure, and potent. Some brands sell carts with other ingredients. But those ingredients should add to the experience and efficacy, not jeopardize your health. Beware of brands that pack their products with cutting agents, synthetic additives, sweeteners, or artificial chemical flavors.

Method of Extraction: We opt for hemp products that are obtained by safe and eco-friendly extraction methods. They ensure the quality, safety, and potency of the products.

Color: The color of the THC oil matters quite a bit as well. The liquid shouldn’t be opaque or dark in color. Brownish or greenish hues suggest the presence of contaminants. You should look for a clear yellow or light pinkish color in your THC oils.

Ingredients: The THC oil brands we chose are made from natural products with cannabis terpenes and botanical extracts, which don’t contain any synthetic additives or flavors. A customer must check the product label to ensure the product doesn’t contain any cannabinoids or terpenes that shouldn’t be there. For that, they need to do more research on vaping products.

Lab Testing: Brands that submit their products for third-party testing ensure to put only the most potent, pure, and safe products up for sale. Third-party lab reports on a hemp brand website make for an easy selection of products.

Brand Reputation: With so many companies claiming to sell “high-quality” cannabis products, it’s safest to buy from only reputable ones. Check the customer reviews online and make an informed decision.

Options/Variants: While buying delta-8 carts, look for options in sizes, potencies, and flavors. Choose what fits your purpose and preferences best – and you’re all set!

Pricing: Finally, take note of the prices. When it comes to cannabis products, an expensive product doesn’t always make it better. But too cheap a product also raises a red flag. You must get an overall idea about the prices of THC carts in the market before you place your order.

Using Prefilled THC Oil Cartridges: Things To Know

Before you use a THC vape cart, you must be aware of the different types of THC carts available in the market, so you’d know what to expect from a product.

Different Types of THC Carts

Distillate: A highly refined and potent form of cannabis oil, produced from particularly the flowers and extracted using ethanol.

CO2 oil: A concentrated cannabis oil derived by CO2 extraction

Live resin: A terpene-rich extract with pungent flavors or aromas.

Cut oil: An extract with additives or supplement thinning agents, like polyethylene glycol (PEG), vegetable glycerin (VG), medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), or propylene glycol (PG). Oils that don’t contain these agents are called uncut oils.

Terpene-infused: A cannabis extract infused with terpenes to improve flavors and effects.

How To Use THC Prefilled Carts For Best Results?

  • Charge your battery and attach your cartridge to the battery.
  • Press the fire button (as per the product guide on the product) to activate.
  • Start with the lowest setting of the device’s voltage; adjust as per requirement
  • Start with short (1 – 2 seconds) puffs to familiarize your body with the effects.
  • Up the voltage to get a stronger hit, if you’d like.
  • When you sense a change in the flavor, it’s time to move over to a new cartridge.

A Fair Warning: People who’ve used D-8 carts claim that the effects are a bit harsher on the throat and lungs compared to regular THC cartridges. Nevertheless, D-8 works better for your health.

Don’t forget to consult a medical practitioner before you use D-8 THC for medical purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions: Prefilled THC Oil Cartridges

Q: How high can you get while vaping D-8?

A: While smoking and vaping has an immediate effect on the body, vaping prefilled THC oil cartridges can certainly get you almost as high as smoking weed. However, you won’t feel any of the horrible side effects of weed with D-8 carts.

Q: How long does a single THC cartridge last?

A: This depends on how often you use the cartridge. Usually, a 250mg cartridge can last for around 60 puffs and a 500mg can give you about 120 puffs. But this is just an estimate. The longevity of a cartridge also depends on the thickness of the oil. If the oil is thick, it will last longer.

Q: Can you remove THC oil from its prefilled cartridge? If so, would that be safe?

Yes. The oil can be removed and refilled a couple of times. But it is best to be cautious. It is not safe to tamper with most prefilled cartridges. Remove it only if you’re absolutely sure about the ingredients being safe for removal. It would be wise to consult an industry expert before trying it.

Q: Can I fail a drug test if I use D-8 carts?

Yes. Quite possibly. The effects may be subdued or controlled, but the THC metabolites will show up in the first round of test results, which would usually be all your employer needs to see.

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