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When it comes to cannabis growing we cannot underestimate the importance of a good grow light. Not only are the grow lights going to provide the plants with the energy they need to grow, but they are also going to affect the environment and the growth cycles. Of course, as with any equipment, some are significantly better than others. LEDs are usually the most popular form of lighting due to their low energy consumption and low heat output. This means growers won’t spend too much on electricity and won’t risk overheating their plants. This is a list of some of the best growing lights on the market along with all the information a grower could need to make the right decision for them.

California Lightworks 550

This is a grill light that features spectrum colours and uses LED bulbs. It has a high powered setting for vegetation to ensure that plants get the energy they need when they need it. Plants require a variety of colours when they are going through the growth cycles. By using a spectrum growers can improve the yield and the size of their plants. This particular light can be programmed to suit the time of year down to the day or week to mimic the natural light cycle of the plants. It can also provide simple uniform lighting over 6 x 8 feet during vegetation and a 3 x 4 feet bloom radius. This light is ideal for commercial or small scale growing and will fit perfectly as a single light in a small grow space.

The lamp will range from 0 – 400 W and operates at a frequency of 50 – 60 Hertz.

Roladero LED Grow Light Galaxy Hydro Series 1000W

This LED light also provides the plant with the exact colour spectrums it needs to believe it’s in real sunlight. By providing the correct balance of red and blue light growers can increase their yield significantly. It boasts a 90-degree optical lens and a higher average lumen output it ensures minimum loss of light and maximum energy saving. By utilising the light as effectively as possible it stops the grower from needing to buy additional lights in a small growing space. This light has an excellent cooling system to ensure the plants aren’t overheated by the electronics. It has two powerful fans built in to avoid excessive heat. The overall lens sits at 120 degrees, ensuring the entire plant has access to light, and it comes with a 24-month warranty. As far as low-cost lights go this is one of the better models available.

Gixer 1000 Watt LED Grow Light

For growers who usually go for something in the 1000 Watt range this provides more light area, a better range of colours and boasts better energy efficiency than most. Despite being a 1000 Watt light it only uses around 110 Watts. This is an excellent light for those who aren’t sure about programming the different light cycles. It simply has a switch that takes the light spectrum from vegetation to flowering to bloom. It is easy to use and runs cheaply due to its amazing ability to save energy. It is also specifically designed to reduce heat and noise, ideal for those who are growing in a cupboard or other small indoor space. Despite being easy to switch between cycles it does not have a built-in timer. This means that growers can tailor their light cycles to their plants. This one comes with a 24-month guarantee and has a 30 day refund period.

Dimgogo 1000 Watt LED Grow Light

This light is perfect for all levels of growers as it is easy to use but is also a top-quality piece of equipment. It is extremely efficient and is made up of triple-chip 10W LEDs. It has a full range of light colours to ensure healthy growth in any plant. It provides blue, white, red, UV and IR to guarantee that every aspect of growing is covered. Though this light is powerful it also cools extremely well, allowing growers to control their plant’s environment. Though the light itself is decidedly dinky it can cover a 5×4 growing area. This lamp has a three-year warranty, is cost-effective and extremely efficient. Definitely a bit of an everyman growing lamp.

ColoFocus 600 Watt LED Indoor Plants Growing Light

This lamp is ideal for anyone who needs lighting that is going to last. One of the most robust and reliable grow lights on the market, it also uses 10 Watt chips. Though it is a 600 Watt bulb it puts out about 110 Watts of energy, making it extremely cost-effective. It has excellent UV light options to keep plants healthy and safe from any beasties. This makes it an excellent light for anyone who is especially worried about maintaining a clean growing environment. It has two cooling fans and an aluminium heat sink, so it won’t increase the ambient temperature in the grow space. It is considered one of the best products for heat removal, energy efficiency and size to light area. The only small issue with this product is that it needs to be placed quite close to the plants. This can result in a shorter, squatter crop than a higher lamp.

Bestva 600 Watt Reflector Grow Light

This is the most popular LED Grow Light for those who need something cheap and cheerful to get started with. It is a good light for a small space and gives the plants everything they need for a beginner grower. It has two light modes covering the vegetative period and the flowering period. Unlike most inexpensive lamps this one also has the 10 Watt LEDs. It has an impressive light spectrum for a beginner’s lamp and provides a perfect balance of red, green, blue and white light. It also has UV and IR bands to help increase yield and THC production. It is thought to be one of the strongest LED lamps for its price on the market and has a 3-year warranty along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The only downfall with this light is that it doesn’t cover much of an area, but this is fine for smaller growing spaces.

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