2021’s 5 Best CBD Pet Treats – Buyer’s Guide


Discover the Top CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

We’ve all seen just how popular CBD products have become for helping men and women manage stress on a daily basis. Folks can easily go online and buy powerful merchandise, ranging from colorful gummies to fast-acting tincture oil and soothing pain
cream. But the benefits of CBD oil for sale don’t stop there, as pets can also take advantage of superb CBD items. Whether it’s during a nasty thunderstorm or for an extended period of separation anxiety, your beloved fur-babies need to
relax. Consumers just have to realize that all the CBD oil for cats and dogs is not created equal. Let’s check out 5 of the most respected CBD companies that provide reliable CBD for pets.

1. Just CBD for Pets

JustCBD has a reputation for selling the best CBD for dogs and cats. Since opening their doors in 2017, the South Florida-based business has become one of the undeniable leaders in the market. Offering buyers a wide range of goods, an individual can buy a powerful CBD oil tincture, cream and vape pen. Their
hemp gummies were even named 2021 best CBD Gummies. Of course, people everywhere depend on Just CBD oil for pets to help keep their little ones calm and cool. We’re talking about everything from 4th of July fireworks to destructive storms, including hurricanes and tornadoes. Just CBD oil for dogs and cats is created with high quality ingredients, free from unnatural additives. Both their packaging and their sales reps are honest, which can be a huge relief when it comes to shopping for your cherished pet. As an added bonus, you get to pick from a wide variety of CBD oil for cats and dogs, including salmon, tuna and bacon flavored options. There are also CBD edibles available, such as Purr Treats, Steak Bites, and Chicken Meatballs. Tails will be wagging in no time.

• Just Pets Dog Treats Steak Bites

• 100mg container

• $19.99

2. CBDfx CBD for Pets

Claiming their CBD for dogs and cats is just as effective on animals as it is for humans, CBDfx is one of the more popular names in the industry. Since opening their doors in 2015 in Southern California, the CBDfx team only deals with organic hemp
from Kentucky. They stock everything from CBD cream and vape juice to CBD oil for cats and dogs. When it comes to putting their pets into a peaceful frame of mind, consumers have 3 options, 150, 300, and 600 mg CBD bottles. In other words, you
can experiment until you find the ideal dosage of CBD for your furry little family members.

• CBDfx Pet Treats for Stress & Anxiety

• 450mg container

• $29.99

3. Canna-Pet Biscuits for Dogs

Working out of Seattle since 2013, Canna-Pet stands apart from the competition, as they are the only CBD supplier on this list that makes and sells CBD items specifically for animals. Supplying CBD merchandise to dogs, cats and horses, Canna-Pet
helps four-legged animals manage everything from anxiety to stiff joints and even cancer. It is meant to be used with other medications and supplements. One can find Canna-Pet goodies for sale all around the world. Consumers appreciate the
charitable acts Canna-Pet is involved with, as well as the dozens of research studies that they take part in at different universities. On the other hand, customer feedback doesn’t like the fact that Canna-Pet doesn’t share their
laboratory test results online.

• Canna-Biscuits for Dogs: Advanced MaxCBD Maple Bacon

• 8oz container

• $38.99

4. Green Roads CBD for Pets

Since a pharmacist started Green Roads in South Florida back in 2013, their broad spectrum formula CBD items have grown into the most popular CBD brands on the domestic market. They sell a large selection of CBD oils, creams, gummies, capsules
and even syrup from U.S. grown hemp. When it comes to dogs, they only provide CBD drops, rather than treats. Customers get to pick CBD oil for small, medium or large breeds. Yet there is only one option for Green Roads CBD Cat Drops. According
to multiple reviews on the web, buyers appreciate Green Roads’ professional website, offering lots of valuable information, like laboratory reports.

• Pet CBD Drop Large Dog

• 600mg container

• $59.99

5. PureKana CBD for Dogs

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, PureKana offers both CBD treats and oil to our fury little friends. Made in the U.S. with all natural ingredients, their products help dogs manage everything from upset stomachs to separation anxiety. One benefit to
PureKana’s hemp extract is that it comes from the top hemp growers and utilizes a distinct extract practice. Whether you try Peanut Butter & Pumpkin or Steak & Sweet Potato dog snacks, no dairy, soy, gluten or artificial flavors
are added to the mix. But there are eggs and oat flour. As a bonus, potential buyers can look their website to read the results of lab reports.

• Pure Pets Hemp Dog Treats (Large)

• 3.25oz container

• $34.99

How were the CBD companies chosen for this list?

To make this year’s list of the top CBD brands and pet treats, a few basic are considered, such as ingredients and effectiveness. It’s a given that every CBD item is grown from organic hemp in the United States. While it comes from the
cannabis plant, hemp derived CBD goods will not get an animal “stoned” because it has less than .3% THC. That also makes it legal across the nation. Meanwhile, everything is laboratory tested to confirm your pets’ safety. In
fact, every CBD retailer discussed adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines’ strict safety standards.

Have more questions about CBD oil for cats & dogs? Find the answers here…

Is it safe to give CBD to pets?

People can rest assured that the best CBD oil for dogs and cats is completely safe. All pet owners need to do is make sure that their CBD treats are made with less than 0.3% THC. Otherwise, your furry little friend may get stoned and experience psychoactive
impacts. These unwanted effects can be a lot worse than simply getting the munchies. Be sure to compare the top CBD business websites to make sure their products for both dogs and cats are domestically made, as well as laboratory tested to confirm
their safety.

What are the best CBD products to give to a pet?

When looking to buy CBD oil for cats and dogs, only spend your time and money on organic items. No pet owner should ever give his or her pet any CBD merchandise with any type of chemicals, such as additives and harmful pesticides. At the same time,
make sure it has undergone lab testing and is produced in the United States. Otherwise, you can end up paying good money for nothing more than bland cookies. It is also important to follow the directions and only give the recommended doses to
your four-legged family members.

How do I pick the top CBD for cats & dogs?

Fortunately for dog and cat owners all over the world, it is quite simple to find and purchase high quality CBD for pets near me. Thanks to the internet, a person can easily find plenty of information on CBD products, including their ingredients and
instructions for use. A shopper can also locate lots of consumer reviews, as well as professional feedback from vets and other healthcare professionals. Shopping for the best prices of CBD oil online is a piece of cake.

How long does CBD oil stay in a pet’s body?

After you give a CBD treat to a dog or a cat, the animal can start feeling more relaxed in as little as 10 or 15 minutes. Better yet, pets can enjoy the wonderful benefits of CBD oil for about 6 hours, and it will stay in their systems for a few days
at a time. How cool is that? It is best to give your baby no more than 1 or 2mg of CBD a day. Of course, it all depends on if you have a tiny Persian cat, a 15 pound poodle or a 100 pound golden retriever. No worries, it’s not like an animal
can overdose on CBD. With a little experimentation, you will have no trouble figuring out the ideal amount of CBD oil for your dear pet.

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