Start Your New Year Off Right with CBD

January 1st of every year comes with the promise of new beginnings. Whether it be to pursue a new hobby, get that promotion at work or an intention to get more active, new year’s resolutions represent a unique cultural phenomenon. The common thread in most resolutions is the intention to focus on self-improvement in an area of our lives. CBD is rapidly becoming a choice among consumers and lends a helping hand in ensuring that the journey to wellness is as enjoyable as it is satisfying. Now that you’ve taken advantage of the new year’s sale at your local gym, or perhaps made the decision to incorporate more relaxation into your life, how can CBD help you on your path to self improvement? Get a head start on your 2020 goals as we highlight 4 incredible hemp extract products to help you start your new year off right with CBD!

Surely one of the most popular resolutions is a commitment to getting back into the gym. For anyone that has ever been away from the gym for an extended period of time, the unwanted after-effects of an intense workout are well known. For those who are looking to get back into action a little faster comes this brilliantly formulated full spectrum CBD muscle cream from Extract Labs. Founded by a U.S. Combat Veteran, the Colorado based Extract Labs knows a thing or two about staying physically active. When combined with the innovative hemp extraction techniques from which they’ve earned their name, you are left with an active lifestyle CBD cream that lives up to the praise it continues to receive.

Yet another option to help you keep your commitment to using that new gym membership, cbdMD is widely known for their affiliation with top athletes. Sporting endorsements from leading mixed martial artists, to pro football players, pro golfers and a wide range of extreme athletes, a focus on active lifestyle is plainly evident. Cold treatment has long been used by those seeking to aid their recovery after a physical workout, and cbdMD has brilliantly incorporated CBD isolate into a convenient icy roll-on. Small enough to fit into a gym bag, and delivering on the ability to deliver CBD isolate directly to the areas you need it most, there is no better time than now to find out why dozens of top athletes have lent their name to this up-and-coming wellness brand.

Our lives today are busier than ever for many, and for some, the most important resolution is simply to take the time to relax. Setting a period of the day aside in order to take care of oneself can go a long way towards keeping us focused and centered, ready for the next day. Bluebird Botanicals has shown that they believe in this concept fully, delivering a wholesome and luxurious experience with their Hemp Silk CBD Lotion. Carefully chosen gentle ingredients are paired with full spectrum CBD, resulting in a moisturizing lotion that blends the lines between self-care and relaxation. Start off 2020 the right way with a brilliant blend of essential oils, jojoba oil and coconut oil, alongside the added benefits of locally sourced Colorado hemp extract and find out what you have been missing!

CBD tinctures represent one of the most effective methods for incorporating CBD into your daily routine. Other methods such as edibles and topicals are great for accomplishing specific goals, but if one is looking for a CBD solution to affect your body in a comprehensive way, the sublingual tincture is a tried and true choice. Pachamama may be a relative newcomer to the hemp industry, but their debut has been met with well deserved praise. Not content to simply deliver top quality full spectrum CBD, the wellness oriented team has looked toward traditional Chinese herbs and teas to bring a much appreciated innovative twist. The benefits of Green Tea and Echinachea on their own have a long and respected reputation for natural wellness, and serve as an added bonus to the organically grown hemp extract found in Pachamama CBD Oils. If your new year’s resolution involves self-improvement, now is the perfect time to find out how Pachamama Green Tea Echinacea or one of their other equally unique CBD tinctures could kick start your path to wellness in 2020!

At Premium CBD Supply we are as passionate about personal growth as we are about the possibilities of hemp extract to improve lives. The beginning of a new year provides all of us with the opportunity to seize the moment to take inventory of our own lives, and then to take the action required to grow. We believe that this should be the purpose of CBD, to help empower those that are motivated enough to follow through on their goals, and to help make them reality. These 4 CBD products represent just a small slice of the hundreds of hemp extract products which we have carefully chosen to represent the very best CBD options currently on the market. As we enter into a brand new year we are excited to continue to add to our wide catalog and follow through on our commitment to offer the top CBD infused selection available anywhere, alongside our industry leading customer support and shipping services. From all of us at Premium CBD Supply, we wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020!

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