I went from smoking 3-5 times every day to having terrible anxiety if I take more than 1 hit – why?

Up until the past 6 months or so, I would smoke throughout the day pretty regularly. I almost always had a good time and felt very relaxed.

All of a sudden it seems like, now if I take more than one hit (or even just one) I have terrible anxiety. I can’t even go to my friend’s houses and smoke anymore or even set foot into a Walmart stoned. I don’t feel that my personal life is any more stressful than it was a few months ago either (even less than I would say.)

My heart starts beating fast, I start dissociating, I can’t even lay in bed and watch TV without feeling terrible anxiety when I smoke. Why did this happen? Does anyone have any tips on how I can start enjoying smoking again? Now I only take like 1 hit every day before I go to bed, and even then sometimes my anxiety is too much to handle. But if I smoke more than that I feel awful.

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