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At Stronga, we think that hemp is the crop of the future. That is why we are cooperating with hemp farmers all more than the planet to create the very best processing and drying gear in the marketplace.

In the video, see how this farmer harvests hemp employing a Formation Ag conveyor cutter header and revolutionary hook lift gear from Stronga. With a number of containers, this farmer can shuttle complete containers back to his hemp drying facility although harvest continues in the field employing his conveyor cutter header. This saves him vital hours in the really restricted hemp harvest window.

Each week far more and far more farmers turn to hemp as a new higher profit crop. At Stronga, we comprehend what a significant commitment this is so as properly as delivering drying and processing options that guard the worth of your crop, we want to support you comprehend the energy of it, also.

Hemp is viewed as one particular of the most sturdy crops since of its capability to resist water tension its aversion to intense climate situations and its capability to flourish in a wide variety of climates and soil sorts.

Numerous farmers are thus turning to hemp since of water shortages, an problem that is becoming compounded all more than the planet as a outcome of the impacts of the climate adjustments. Research show that hemp farming needs a third of the quantity of water required to develop maize, as properly as only half as considerably water to develop cotton.

Much less water becoming utilised to develop crops benefits in significantly less harm to the atmosphere, as properly as relieving lowering water tables that are affecting lots of regions. This is advantageous for the grower, particularly in the present climate exactly where water is becoming a scarce resource.

Research have also shown that an early spring seeded hemp crop is far more tolerant to frost than a later seeded one particular. A Stronga hemp drying client in the US planted his hemp throughout the wettest spring on record for his neighborhood location. This meant that his early seeds and shoots have been underwater for a quantity of weeks in really low temperatures. Even though this delayed the hemp plants development in the early stages, they are now flourishing and he is seeking forward to his harvest.

Our customer’s encounter is supported by a study which reported that germinated seeds can withstand -5°C frosts for two weeks and up to -15°C for 24 hours below low soil moisture situations. Plants at the seedling stage quickly tolerate frosts to about -7°C, and a lot of volunteer plants located in fields in the subsequent year are the very best indication of relatively higher frost hardiness of hemp at early developmental stages.

Nonetheless later on in improvement, hemp can create mould complications as soon as the plant is far more established in the cold climate. Consequently receiving your hemp harvest and appropriate scale hemp drying approach prepared and planned to permit for an effective harvest will cut down dangers from late fall and early winter frosts.

Timely arranging of hemp drying and processing gear is essential to the high quality preservation and price tag of hemp. Stronga are in a position to support you establish which hemp transport and drying resolution is very best for you. Undertaking this in excellent time permits for a lowered tension encounter when harvest time comes.

Stronga has currently helped a lot of clientele set up effective drying and transport options for hemp. Make contact with us these days to talk about your hemp harvest – [email protected]

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