Industrial Hemp Grain and CBD Production

Study about hemp production from somebody who has “been there, completed that.” See beneath for far more sources and time stamps &#x2935&#xfe0f

Presented by Steve Tomlins, Lead Field Operator, Turtle Creek Gardens in Delevan, WI ( Turtle Creek Gardens has each higher CBD oil hemp and grain hemp plots. For far more facts on industrial hemp, go

This presentation was provided at the Industrial Hemp Production Workshop hosted by University of Illinois-Extension in Freeport, IL on March 12, 2019.

– – – – –

:00 Introduction
two:12 Preparing the seedbed
three:01 Planting
five:40 Young crop
six:58 Weeds
9:26 Flooding
9:53 Attracts useful insects
10:50 Much more weeds
11:26 Development
12:08 Hardiness
12:59 Mid -summer time development and care
15:41 Watering
16:06 Japanese beetles
16:35 Greenhouse hemp
17:00 Late-summer time development
18:24 Diverse genetics
19:38 Amphibians
20:04 Assortment that didn’t do properly
20:47 Sick wide variety from greenhouse
21:26 Flowering
24:54 Insects
25:35 Field days
28:06 Potency test
31:26 Harvest
32:52 Fungus
33:20 Eurasian hemp borer
35:17 Harvest
37:29 Mold
38:22 Temperature of seed
39:35 Goldfinch consume the crop
39:58 Operating the combine
42:59 Promoting the crop

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