31 Flavors Is a Fake Cartridges Brand

In our most current verify-up on the list of fake cartridges brands, we’ve explored 31 Flavors, in some cases recognized as just “31 Carts.” We discovered absolutely nothing but mystery: No organization, no web-site, no license, no registration, no lab tests, absolutely nothing.

One particular dead giveaway for fake cart brands is competing Instagrams. There’s a “31 Flavors Official,” and then the set-to-private “_31_flavors_.” Even although that second one particular claims “ExoticFarms,” that leads nowhere except proper back to the 31 Flavors account, unless you count other channels related with the equally-fake Exotic Carts.

There’s a substantial range of 31 Flavors, all fake

But somebody absolutely went to a lot of time and difficulty to place with each other eye-catching box shots set against representative meals products. There may well be much more than 31, we’re not counting.

31 Flavors vape cart

31 Flavors vape cart

31 Flavors vape cart

31 Flavors vape cart

31 Flavors vape cart

31 Flavors vape cart

31 flavors’ kid-friendly packaging is a confident sign of a fake brand

By requirements set by California Division of Public Wellness, and an instance followed in most states, THC vape cart packaging shall not include “cartoons, photos popularly employed to promote to kids, or imitating candy labeling.”

So even disregarding the Nabisco-owned Oreo branding, these carts are clearly produced to appeal to kids. The brand name itself is famously the slogan of an ice cream retail chain. Out of the 47 deaths so far from the epidemic of vaping-associated lung illness, the youngest was aged 17, so this is a point that bears mentioning.

Quite a few customers are asking about these in the previous couple of months

On Reddit…

As the proverbial “birds of a feather,” fake cart brands have a tendency to clump with each other in the identical locations.That final Reddit thread shows a photo of 31 Flavors proper subsequent to packages of Dank, the most infamous of black market place brands.

On the subject of Reddit… We all know the black market place epidemic is frustrating, but we’d please ask the dab neighborhood not to flame at individuals just for asking? We’ve only had fake THC oil cart brands about for a couple years now. There’s nevertheless a lot of individuals who do not know. Just be good about it, quite please, just for us?

A couple YouTubers have found 31 Flavors carts

One particular of them is actually a channel named “iSmokeUnlicensedCarts.” Final video observed on this channel two weeks ago with tens of videos posted, so our prayers are with him. This other channel does not look to know that 31 Flavors are unlicensed.

Unlicensed, unregulated brands like 31 Flavors could have something in them

They could include heavy metals like lead, pesticides, reduce such as Honey Reduce, or just bunk. Or they could be fire if you are fortunate. But a lot of individuals in the hospital proper now weren’t fortunate.

If anyone has much more information and facts on exactly where these are circulating, please share it with the neighborhood right here in the comments or in our forum.


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