Pulsar RoK Overview: Great eRig After You Get Applied To It

Right here I evaluation the Pulsar RoK eRig that handles each concentrates and dry herb. The device has a mastering curve but after you get the hang of it, it tends to make for an awesome expertise. It has a special make compared to any other eRig. Absolutely nothing extraordinary about this device, the contrary really. Extremely practical solution and easy to use after you got the temp settings down.


  • Button use practical
  • Energy off mode
  • Snug match


  • Scorching temperatures
  • Clogging troubles
  • Glass placement
The RoK eRig like every little thing it comes with

This four – 10 piece make is really easy and uncomplicated to place collectively. Absolutely nothing appears like it would would slip and break offered the snug fits of the glass pieces. The make excellent is fantastic.

One particular issue I discovered out to be somewhat of an concern, but also a wise placement was the glass/percolators. On one particular hand, there’s no purpose your device should really malfunction from water harm considering the fact that as opposed to the Puffco Peak or Kandypen’s Oura, the water is placed at the bottom of the device with a detachable down stem alternatively of on prime of the battery. On the other hand, glass breaks, so if you come about to smash the device accidentally though putting it down it is much easier to break than the Puffco Peak or Kandypen’s Oura.

Placing collectively the RoK eRig and cleaning it is fairly uncomplicated

Regardless off the bottom glass piece, the Pulsar RoK consists of four pieces when unboxing and eight when cleaning. To set up the pulsar all that is required is the base glass, battery, percolator, and carb cap. Disarming the device for cleaning purposes appears a bit much more complicated but in actuality is not time-consuming what so more than.

If and when the device gets clogged all that is required to be cleaned out are the isolated airpath tubes and each compartments of the mouthpiece. Producing it a total of eight pieces immediately after fully disarmed, this device tends to make for uncomplicated cleaning due to extremely tiny having dirty.

The pieces contain with the Rok eRig are:

  • Atomizers (2x): 1 for concentrates, 1 for dry herb
  • Battery
  • Carb cap
  • Glass cup
  • Isolated air path tubes (2x)
  • Mouthpiece
  • Percolator
  • Silicon collar (for carb cap)
  • Silicone snug for the mouthpiece

Airflow is fantastic, but having temp proper requires practice

pulsar rok in box
Here’s what the RoK appears like prior to you pull it out of the box.

Fresh out the box this device pulls amazingly, but due to scorching temperatures, a bit of experimenting is required to come across the great hit. Sadly, that is how points get clogged and if it is cold out it is much easier for the concentrates to harden up once again and bring about terrible airflow. The air path gets loaded with residual oils employed and ends up clogging the device.

Not a terrible repair but if you are attempting to take a good dab and do not comprehend the pulsar is clogged, you finish up wasting your concentrates and scorching the oil, leaving a terrible flavor in the smoke. Burnt oil is by no means fantastic even is it is from fantastic oil.

How to repair clogging on the Pulsar Rok

To resolve this concern all I had to do was take away the air path tubes and take away the mouthpieces. I let these four pieces sit in 91-99% rubbing alcohol for about an hour, could be 1-two minutes if you choose to scrub and clean it oneself.

After the devices are totally free of all clogged pieces and prepared to use once again, it tends to make for a great session. The carb cap and silicon collar are an amazingly great match, as opposed to the Kandypen’s Oura. The Pulsar RoK brings soothing and smooth hits regardless of the temperatures, all that is required is to figure out how to use the settings.

Temperatures are hot, but after mastered hits are smooth on the RoK eRig

pulsar RoK parts
A further portion of the RoK

Apparently, Pulsar Rok reaches 900-1000 degrees Fahrenheit, and that is an insane quantity of heat for oil concentrates. At 1st, though nevertheless new to the solution, it is really hard to calculate the proper temperature for the proper expertise. But after I figured out how to turn off the heat settings mid sesh, you can constantly heat up the coil by just holding the button made for energy mode and temp settings.

It is a pretty uncomplicated to use eRig after mastered

It is a easy make and extremely uncomplicated to use, but figuring out when to turn off the heat in the coil is not normally uncomplicated. Double tapping and letting the device begin the heating procedure appears way also easy, then prior to you know it your rosin or diamonds is burnt out.

How to get the finest hit our of the RoK

Shutting down the device mid hit of a sesh, then triple tapping to reduce the temperatures and at the identical time holding the button to tends to make certain your dab does not get also cold tends to make for an awesome expertise. There’s like a lot of tapping required to do and it is not normally uncomplicated for your 1st hit. Assisted hits with an individual that understands how to use the device creates the expertise. Figuring out the temp settings wasn’t complicated, what was complicated was figuring out when to hit it and how.

Also significantly glass terrible or fantastic?

pulsar rok glass
Here’s the glass that comes with the RoK.

The excellent of the glass appears a tiny thin, is really actually decent and the great snug match will make certain the cup compartment will not fall off. Slamming the device would finish up in a tragedy, you’d just have to replace the cup piece possibly the percolator as nicely. The carb cap appears to be the only tough glass on the device, the percolator glass appears incredibly thin and light. The cup is in in between thick or thin, so I’d say not a terrible make. Not so lots of persons like all these glass pieces but if you know how to take care of your device you should really have no troubles whatsoever, except for the scorching temps, and airflow clogged.

How to hit Pulsar Rok

Largely explained in the airflow section, the Pulsar Rok has its tiny tricks to developing the great expertise. Not 10/10 unboxing, but after you find out the preferred temperatures (which are unquestionably not 900-100^F), the smoke goes down extremely smoothly. As a preference and a fantastic hit, you double-tap for automatic-begin in the mid temp settings and let it heat up for about 10 seconds. Right after carrying out so you can either hit it or wait to alter the temp settings from the second to the third only to attain the 1st setting once again.

The highest setting is also hot for most

Leaving it at the highest setting scorches the oil and coil so be cautious hitting it on red. After reached green setting the coil would have likely melted your concretes by now and to receive the great hit, you cap the devices and hold down the button to your preferred heat. Hold in thoughts the coil is currently packed prior to the heating procedure.

Concluding our Pular RoK review…

It is not okay to have to figure out your device and waste your solution only to come across that all the wasted oils will clog up every little thing. I’d recommend watching how-to videos that will shortly be posted. Also, after you get the temp settings down, keep the e-rig clean for great airflow each time. Scorching temperatures will make for uncomplicated clogging considering the fact that the concentrates turn liquid proper away then back to strong when it gets cold.

The proper settings and tweaks will reveal the truest flavor of your concentrate. Just make certain to not scorch it for the reason that hitting burnt rosin is not entertaining. Experiment with the settings, normally q-tip the coil immediately after each hit, keep the air path tubes clean and you will have the awesome Pulsar RoK expertise. Just make certain you have an understanding of the procedure is not uncomplicated or a 1st attempt form of issue, patience is crucial.

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