Pure Nectar and Truth Cartridges: Fake THC Oil Brands

Promoting fake cartridges has develop into preferred and a lot more have been generating counterfeit vape carts that appear a lot like to genuine ones. We attempt our most effective to hold you guys informed on the fake vape carts by way of our posts, so you can prevent them and be protected from the adverse effects the fake merchandise may bring.

See our fake cartridge posts on Dank Vapes, Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrocks Clear, Exotic Carts, Eureka Vapor, Stiiizy, Space Vape and King Pen for a lot more data on actual brands ha have been counterfeied.

In this post, we are about to share yet another factor to watch out for – Refillable cartridges that seem to appear like genuine brands. What do we imply by this? There are some distributors who sell hardware labeled with brands that do not even exist. These are not fake cartridges imitating yet another oil organization, but a fake organization altogether. Truth and Pure Nectar are amongst these brands.

These are not counterfeit merchandise technically due to the fact the brands shown in these empty carts are not genuine in the initially location.

Under is an instance of he initially fake brand we will show you, Truth. These Truth cartridges claim to be “Premium THC” but actually anybody can fill them up. That is why fake brands are usually no fantastic.

The brand or organization Truth does not exist

Pure Nectar is yet another brand. Like, Truth, these are mentioned to be THC distillates. The packaging of Pure Nectar is equivalent to Truth. The ones generating these so-named vape brands are most likely acquiring the packaging from the exact same supplier and just have them printed with the organization name.

pure nectar cartridge
Pure Nectar is not a genuine organization

They claim solvent totally free, but who knows if it is solvent totally free when it has not even been filled with oil but? That is the danger of fake cartridge brands.

pure nectar packaging
The Pure Nectar packaging as observed from the side

So far, we have only observed eBay promoting the refillable cartridges. You can also get Pure Nectar with only the packaging. Firms can get the cartridges from yet another seller.

We did discover Pure Nectar sold in a marijuana shop named MMJ Dispensary. This shop sells pre-filled oil Pure Nectar cartridges. It seems to be an illegal operation promoting carts on the internet. Right here are some photographs from their web-site:

pure nectar premium
Pure Nectar cartridges prepared to be sold
pure nectar premium
Pure Nectar could be filled with something.

We will be posting a lot more of these if we discover out about them. For now, we want you guys to be cautious about the cartridges you are acquiring. They may well either be counterfeit merchandise or hardware that make it look they are marijuana brands. Any organization can just fill these hardware with dirty oil. If you search the net for Pure Nectar or Truth, you will understand that these are not genuine brands.

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