Fake Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrocks Clear Cartridge


Original Dr. Z’s Moonrock Clear Cartridges. Photo Credit: @moonrocks1.1

Here’s a further fake cartridge sold on the market place: Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock Clear Cartridge. As you may well know, Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock clear cartridge claims to have oil that tests at 90% THC. The fake ones, on the other hand, may well come off with weaker THC and reduced vape excellent.

To give you a background on this solution, this was created by Dr. Zodiak and his companion, rapper Kurupt. Each of them envisioned a line of cannabis merchandise that are very best of the very best. Just after launching in 2013, the brand has gotten well known amongst difficult-hitters. Huge names like Snoop Dogg, Kodak Black, Cardi B, and Travis Scott have expressed that they are fans of Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrocks. Along with their Moonrock Ice, Moonrock Ice Blunts and Edibles, they have also introduced the Moonrock Clear Cartridge to add to their expanding brand. It has a assortment of flavors like the Hardcore OG, Razzle Dazzle, Banana, Strawberry, Original, Gelato, and Cotton Candy. The Moonrock Clear Cartridge is an effective way to take a hit although on the go.

You can verify out extra solution facts on Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock internet site.

Spotting the fakes: Appear for actual CCELL

To genuinely practical experience the hype offered on this solution, it is critical to make positive that when you obtain a Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock clear cartridge, you are having an genuine a single. With the big quantity of counterfeit merchandise getting sold, It is really probably that you would encounter these when attempting to obtain Moonrock clear cartridges. The cartridges are presently sold only in Arizona and California which leads individuals to go and get them on-line which is not normally the safest way to validate the authenticity of what you are obtaining. The very good news is that they are presently expanding to exactly where they are promoting their merchandise. If you are obtaining outdoors of CA or AZ, the odds of it getting a fake are greater.

The original moonrock clear cartridge utilizes CCELL cartridges to absorb and distribute heat from the embedded coil evenly and consistently. Fake ones do not use CCELL most of the time which is why some customers shared that they have been experiencing burnt flavor from their fake carts. See our post on fake CCELL cartridges for extra information.

Primarily based on its physical look, a single quick way to spot the fakes from the actual ones is to verify the cartridge. The fake a single has these lines at the leading component of the cartridge. The actual a single does not. Also, the official Moonrock cartridge has the words Jupiter CCell on the bottom. Under, you can see that the photo on the left is the fake a single and the proper is the original Moonrock clear cart.

real vs fake dr. zodiak moonrock clear cart
Actual vs Fake Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock Clear Cartridge

There are a lot of organizations out there who distribute the fake Dr. Zodiak’s Moontrock cartridges, so just maintain a cautious eye in case the a single you are obtaining from carries the fake ones. It is superior if you get from licensed shops to make sure what you are getting is the actual a single.

dr. z's moonrocks fake carts
These are fake carts getting sold in the market place

The packaging also appears like the original a single. It is difficult to inform which a single is fake from the actual a single. If the packaging is confusing for you, just verify the cartridge to confirm if it is genuine.

Dr. Zodiak's Moonrock fake packaging
Dr. Z’s Moonrock packaging resembles the actual a single

In conclusion…

There are a lot of fake cartridges circulating the market place. If you want to get the very best practical experience on Dr. Z’s moonrocks, obtain from a genuine dispensary. It seems the solution now is only accessible in Arizona legally. Something outdoors of AZ and it could be a fake. We have posts on other fake cartridges as nicely. See our fake cartridge posts on Dank Vapes, Exotic Carts, Eureka Vapor, Stiiizy, Space Vape and King Pen.

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