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303 OG Marijuana Strain

303 OG Experience When you’re in need of an afternoon pick-me-up, this Chemdawg offspring is your gal. This fragrant flower induces sensations of happiness above all else, perhaps transforming even […]

Marijuana And Athletes – What You Should Know

By Lana Jones It seems that cannabis has never attracted this much attention. After decades of being outlawed for no valid reason, many states have legalized it again. The positive […]

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The 11 Best Haze Strains in the World

If you’re not specifically trying to avoid a little fogginess, or if your cannabis tolerance has built up to the point where cerebral fogginess makes you feel a bit looser, […]

FEDs Rule CBD “Not a Controlled Subs…

Earlier this week, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Department of Justice announced that their standards no longer include hemp and CBD among controlled substances. “Hemp, including hemp plants and […]

Best Strains to Boost and Maintain Productivity

As a person that wants to meet their goals, be successful at something, or simply accomplish a long-term or immediate goal; focus and productivity play a major role. There is […]

Benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol)

There has been a rise of attention in regards to the high cannabidiol cannabis oil that effectively controls symptoms of epileptic conditions like dravet syndrome, doose syndrome, infantile spasms, cortical […]

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Big brands and ‘For You’ to woo new CBD consumers

Research conducted by High Yield Insights between September and October 2020 found that 33% of Americans are interested in trying hemp-derived CBD and a further 7% have never heard about […]